Northwood Lake - Small Map

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An idyllic neighborhood for the quiet and artsy; an isolated spot for the lone wolves; an excellent reprieve from city life for the rich.

Everyone gets something different out of Northwood Lake.

The lake is large and well-rounded, with plenty of space for fancy homes and outdoor activities.

As one enters the 'hood, there is a small network of streets perfect for grocery stores, diners, and parks.

The main road is mostly a straight shot along the side of the lake, with room for a handful of large lots or a plethora of small ones.

Hit the corner and continue around the bend to get between Northwood Mountains. A stretch of flat land with cabins, mansions, and farms hides out of sight from the lake.

Alternatively, send a few batches of university students out to a lake in the middle of nowhere and watch the chaos unfold! We all know nothing bad can come of that, especially with Halloween just around the corner.

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