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Southern Heritage: The Haven - 4+BR 3.5BA (2.08.22 UPD)

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Uploaded: 5th Mar 2021 at 12:41 PM
Updated: 2nd Aug 2022 at 8:51 AM - UPD

  • Starter furnishings. Proper lightings. No paintings. Skill objects kept at its minimum.
  • First floor Master bedroom with walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom
  • Second floor Master bedroom with walk-in closet and ensuite bathroom
  • Two first floor bedrooms for teen sims or child. With full bath for both
  • Garage for two cars with partly saved animations when drive them away
  • Utility served as room for trash compactor and shower room
  • Back yard deck terrace with little pond. There is a swimming pool tile under this deck to enable water shaders
  • There is green grass ground terrain and street light outdoors. Unfurnished house also has street light
  • There is 2nd floor bare room you could use as 5th bedroom or whatever you want
  • All ceilings are painted
  • Oh. If you didn't notice. There are bookcases in toilets or nearby. I need shelving at toilets and furnished with those. Actually, why not? This could make all procedures there much entertaining!

There are various CC mods used and shown up in screens but not mandatory to install:
I have used only object fixes for in-game items and global lighting mods. They are not included with package and not necessary for install since these are not affect the gameplay. But you may need them to reach same appearance of this lot in your game. Here is the list:
Known bugs, issues and general tips to place and use the lot
  • You need at least Sims 2 Deluxe or Sims 2 Double deluxe with M&G to place it.
  • Due to those fact Sims 2 make houses unfurnished in kinda buggy way (wipes fireplaces and necessary items from buy mode) I share this house also unfurnished. Unfurnished house has fireplace and outdoor street lighting. They would look different in your lot bin. Furnished house has houses surrounding while unfurnished was packed from field. Unfurnished house has UF in the end.
    After you moved your family to lot, I strongly recommend you to choose porch door as the entrance. I know this feature was used in Sims 3, but don't know if there is any utility for Sims 2. Otherwise paper man will deliver newspapers to garage back door. FIXED WITH UPDATE
  • I was so excited when playtest by fact that walk-in closet clothes racks, when cloned from community type lots, are really work! They has Try clothes on interaction that makes sims try any clothing, even not bought, at home! Maybe that's just me old fart, but I was excited to find that out and decided to mention!
  • This house was playtested with clone lot and was not ever inhabit by any sims. So this house is free from sims references. Both houes were checked through S2PCI. No more CC were stick.
    For some reason sims were not use walk-thru from great room to master's bedroom. They go through deck instead. That's where sims path rooting interferes with life logic. If that bothers you, delete any of walk-thru doors from bedroom to great room or two tiled glass door from bedroom to deck. FIXED WITH UPDATE

  • 05.01.22: reuploaded houses come with fixed route finding issues had listed before. Paperman will come to correct door, and sims will use the door to bedroom without any mods. Changes represented as before/after comparisons on last four attached screenshots. Total price was changed a little bit: furnished - from $131.520 to $131.367, unfurnished - from $54.617 to $54.463.
  • 2.08.22: the parking with road extenson for rotating the vechicle was pretty nice when used to leave the garage. Although your sims had stay into car for an hour when they arrive. Isuue has been eliminated in cost of garage doors animation and rised total price. Total price has been changed again: furnished - from $131.367 to $131.755, unfurnished - from $54.463 to $54.851.

Regards. Vic

Lot Type:Residential
Lot Features:None

Lot Size: 3x4
Lot Price (furnished): $131.755
Lot Price (unfurnished): $54.851

Additional Credits:
Guys from Your own designs for their cheer.
CatherineTCJD and SimplySimPro for prividing links to CC used in their houses that I also decided to use.
Adobe PS CC 2019 was used just for cover pic. Others are left untouched.
ScreenCapture utility was used to take game shots from screen.