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Johnny's Childhood Home

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Uploaded: 15th Jun 2021 at 5:38 AM
Updated: 29th Jul 2022 at 1:28 AM

Most of features were drawn from blueprint, others set by Johnny_Bravo. They are described in this thread but I would like to quote it here:
  • Three bedrooms plus master's with closet. Just to note that Johnny insisted on closet, but said that ensuite has no sence. And I made one unit with closet. But another unit that shares same blueprint, has ensuite instead. :p
  • Mirrored apartment houseplans.
  • Balcony was optional. But two units has it.
  • Main floor has paneled walls.
  • Vent is hidden inside the walls. They are visible with ventilation grills. Chimneys were meant ventilation, but here they are for decoration. Chimneys start from fireplaces on roof tiles.
  • Simple tile floors for kitchen and bathrooms, patterns are too rural. I tried also to make it to look like in 90s. That's why ceilings unpainted on purpouse.
  • Oh. Unlike my Southern Heritage houses, there is no bookcases in toilets here.

There is some unnecessary CC used and shown up in screens
I have not used a lot object fixes this time. Those by MogHudson [MTS] might be the only necessary, because sims will watch TV standing without it. However you can refurnish main floor living corner to accept TV facing sofa. All mods used are not included with package but you may need some of them to reach same appearance of this house in your game. Here is the full list:Next four are mods were used (stuff for lot builders) :
Known bugs, issues and general tips to place and use the lot
  • That was made in separated AGS, so you need just packs that I mentioned.
  • All files were checked through Sims2Pack Clean Installer. House had never been inhabited.
  • This house has all bushes and flowers accessible without any special mods. That was playtested.
  • To rent furnished apartment, turn on testing cheats and move in using enterance door menu.
  • Apartments were meant to have different families. Unit with monkey bars is used to have three girls in family, unit with swings - for two boys and girl, unit with slide is for family with three boys, and last one with awning is housing for family with two girls with boy. That's mostly based on stereothypes tells that flowers, plushy bears and doll houses are for girls, while punch bags, toy boxes and rodents are boys featured. Certainly you don't need to follow it.
  • I noticed sims to stuck sometimes in door swing of walk-in closets. Move them out with moveobjectscheat as needed.

Thank you, Johnny, for sharing your blueprints. And for all of the joy that you brought. I dreamt before about joint project with you. I am happy to have it. Vic ^_^

Lot Type:Apartment Base
Lot Features:Noisy middle class neighbors.

Lot Size: 2x3
Number of units: 4
Weekly Rent: 2.607~2.864

Update 22/07/29 - improved description