210 Wright Way CC Free Makeover

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Uploaded: 7th Oct 2021 at 10:46 AM
Updated: 24th Jul 2022 at 11:08 PM
I couldn't find many makeovers of this lot and very few as a large residential lot. As large as it is, it's not quite large enough to be a mansion but is quite a bit larger than your average family home with a price tag to match.
Given the size and shapes used in the original, the floor plan provided quite the challenge, but I am happy with how it turned out. I kept the original footprint as I like my lot makeover to still be recognizable.

On the ground (First floor if you are American) I didn't like the small fixed stairs and small poky kitchen off to one side. It's a grand house and I felt both needed to make more of a statement. So a chefs kitchen with easy access to both the dining and outdoor patio was first up. I imagine whoever lives there likes to entertain. This left slightly less space than I would have liked for a lounge, so the ground floor has a sitting room with a grand piano and fireplace instead. I tucked a walk-in robe behind the stairs. I did think of putting a tiny toilet room there (there is no bathroom on the ground floor) but with only 2 tiles of space, there wouldn't have been room for a basin/sink. I'm sure they can do a potty walk upstairs where the bathrooms are plentiful.

First floor (Second floor if you are American-why does this have to be so confusing?!) I think of this as the children's floor. There are two children's roomy bedrooms with their own blue bathroom, a games/living room and a stair balcony where they can look over and listen in to all the downstairs entertaining.
I also included a guest bathroom since the bar, coffee and hot chocolate will no doubt send the guests up there.

Third flor (yep second for American's) has the master bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, walk-in robe and a small nursery. Then there is an office, a guest bedroom with en-suite and built-in robe, another bathroom and one other 'spare room' I filled it with gym equipment but it could be a bedroom or an art room.

Outside there is a pool, BBQ and gazebo.

Recommended mods/ Defults used
White roof Trim: https://modthesims.info/d/327787/wh...m-defaults.html This default is shown in my pictures. Much nicer than the game grey.

Default outside trash bin by alienpod: https://alienpod.tumblr.com/post/64...dential-mailbox

To make the angled pool recliners usable this mod: Chair Fix: Allow Use 45° Angle by Honeywell https://modthesims.info/d/660926/ch...e-45-angle.html

A gardening mod like Perfect Plants & Perfect Gardens by TwoJeffs: https://archive.org/details/perfectplantsperfectgardens

Due to this being a Maxis lot (they are all full of sim references) I cleaned it of sim references as well as using the lot cleaner globe, both by Chris Hatch.

$ 297,296 madeover.

*Due to Sweet Down Low some deco like curtains and paintings may move on installing.