Fences - "Lost & Found"

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Uploaded: 12th Nov 2021 at 1:20 PM
Apparently there are still images hiding in the game files for unfinished Maxis objects. A few months back I found a few textures for fences that were never finished. Here are five new recolors of game fences, they show as new objects because that's what fence recolors do. Find them in build/fences. The PINEGULTCHER is §40 and Longhorn Balustrade is §45.

These packages contain no meshes or textures, all reference the base game resources. This makes for tiny package sizes.

Fun Fact
Meshes and textures are what increase package sizes. You too can make any fence "recolor" of a Maxis fence not pull the meshes. Just tick the box in Object Workshop that says "Reference original mesh".