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(NO CC)-Cutesy Shmootsey General Store | OFB Business/Community Lot

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Uploaded: 24th Jan 2022 at 5:39 AM
Welcome, dearie, to the Cutesy Shmootsey General Store! This adorable little shop suits as a nice owned business lot lead by an equally cute individual. :D
It is fully decked out with all the things you need to start a business, except a fancy office on the 50th floor of a sky scraper maybe, but otherwise you can't really complain about it.
The Lot has:

*An adorable entrance with a beautiful flowery garden for the customers to admire

*A cozy break room for your hard-working employees

*Toilets! Yep. Just toilets.

*Shelves to put your products on

*A "wholesome grandma" atmosphere! Very cute and cozy alike

*Lots and lots and LOTS of pink, purple and white
Lot Information:

Lot Value: ยง47.452

Lot Size: 2x2

Lot Type: Community