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This and That Corner Shop

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Uploaded: 9th Oct 2022 at 11:12 AM
For all your shopping needs, This and That Corner Shop
offers yummy food, the trendiest clothes, the newest
magazines and the hottest popular video games all in
one very convenient small location!

It contains a grocery store, a bookstore/ hangout area,
a clothes and jewellery shop and a (somewhat cramped)
food court in a 1x3 lot made for when you start a new
'hood and don't feel like making or placing premade shops
for your sims to access from the get go.

I didn't intend to upload this when I made it but I figured
why not share my build for others to enjoy?

This lot uses custom content, namely a wall pattern, which is made by the lovely Honeywell and can be found here:

The other objects are flagged as custom content, but that is because I use a rug fix which gives all rugs the custom content star.
The fix was made by HugeLunatic and can be found here: