MORE TOWNIES: Moonlight Falls

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Uploaded: 16th Mar 2022 at 10:58 PM
Finally, some occult Sims! I had a good time finally utilizing some of the Supernatural clothes that I otherwise barely touch. Moonlight Falls townies are a riot (Count Snypes and Jack Skipper had a long, sordid love affair in my game recently) so I had fun making some really "out there" Sims for you!
PS: Four of the vampires were inspired by characters in one of my favorite TV shows— let me know in the comments if you recognize them!

What you get:

Each zipped folder contains 8 sims. In total, there are 32 sims available for download: 8 adult males, 8 young adult males, 8 adult females, and 8 young adult females.
The occult breakdown: 8 human (non-occult) Sims, 6 witches, 6 vampires, 6 werewolves, 6 fairies.
The sims are all saved wearing Pyxis's Huckleberry Pie default skin, which will be replaced with the default skin in your game (cc or EA).

How to install:

.sim files go in Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/SavedSims

In order to have these sims appear as homeless townies, move them into a house via Edit Town and then evict them.
You can also use MC to assign specific roles to sims, if you want a certain sim for a certain role. You can also assign careers to them this way.


Don't reupload these sims or claim them as your own, but feel free to use them in legacies/stories/what have you, as long as you link back to the download here!

Under the cut is a list of each sim's traits & LTW.
W = Witch
R = Werewolf
V = Vampire
F = Fairy
H = Human