Oil Industry Career, with 3 Branches: Oil Baron; Abraham H. Parnassus; and H.R. Pickens

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Oil; it is an occupation of some important. Now, you may ask, what does an Oil Baron do? Play this career to find out!

It's rough-going at first. Your Sim will need to focus on Fitness, Handiness, and Logic to get ahead. But rewards and satisfaction can be rapid for the diligent. Oil is not for the weak! Mind over flesh!

Already a gusher of a career! At this point your Sim could coast comfortably having gotten this far as a Company Owner in the Oil Industry. After all, the Oil Industry is rather lucrative. But for a true baron(ess), oil has little to do with profit, marm! It is about domination of the spirit, as any of the three subsequent choices of career branches will give you the chance to demonstrate.

Oil Baron(ess) Career Branch
This is the mainstream branch. In the Oil Baron Branch, your Sim has the opportunity to expand their oil company into an oil-based empire, a world-wide machine for wealth, power, and influence. By directing your Sim's career toward successive stages of monopoly, conglomeration, diversification, politicking, and renewable resources, you will be roughly recapitulating the history of the oil industry itself.

Abraham H. Parnassus Branch
Inspired by the legendary "Career Day" skit on SNL starring Adam Driver, the Abraham H. Parnassus Branch evokes the career of the eponymous, elderly but fiery oil baron, his succinct business philosophy, and his struggle and eventual victory against longtime rival, fellow oil baron, H.R. Pickens. Its unusual levels, requirements, and rewards are customized to fit the known details of his life story. If you have a Sim who's on the prickly side and you're tired of the Supervillain career, this may be the job for them.

H.R. Pickens Branch
In parallel, the H.R. Pickens Branch imagines what the experience of Mr. Parnassus's weaker rival, Mr. Pickens, might have been. Was his spirit actually ruined, as Parnassus claims? How did he accustom himself to his defeat? Why would you want a Sim to be weak like H.R. Pickens? Is there some upside to being a loser, a benefit invisible to a man like Parnassus? You'll need one of your more amenable Sims to follow this path to find out.

Credits and Thanks: Crow Statue made by the talented Mathcope. Parnassus Painting made with Sims 4 Studio. Career made with Zerbu's Mod Constructor 4 and Sims 4 Studio. Career suggested by my brother Josh, facilitated by my accomplice David, and inspired in part by the Sims 2 Oil Baron Career.