New Hood and Road Default Replacements!

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Uploaded: 10th May 2022 at 1:41 PM
Hello! I have some default replacements for you! There are four new road types for the four different terrain types! I have included files for you to choose what road you want for each terrain type etc!


- These hood / road replacements will conflict with any road or hood defaults you already have in game. Please remove them before using these. After some testing, if you have Criquettes rural charm, you can use mine still, just remove the lush elements from the folders and they should be compatible with each other.
- These roads are optimised to the best as I can with MAXIS lighting system, if you use other lighting mods the roads outside of lots may differ slightly.
- The roads will require you to have the defaulted terrains for them to match up.
- They do require road overlays for you to place over your roads using move.objects cheat, found in downloads!

Any questions / issues please let me know!

How to Download
Simply place and extract the files into your downloads folder in my documents.
There is an extra step with the road defaults, you will have to pick one road type for each terrain type (separated into individual folders)

Thank you to CuriousB and Criquette for giving me the inspiration and ability to be able to do this!
Thank you for letting me spam you with numerous images Neytan!