DEFAULT_PerditaDress with Bunheels

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Uploaded: 9th Jul 2022 at 10:14 PM
I have another shoeswap default. This is Perdita Dress from the H&M expansion pack shoeswapped using this shoes by serabiet. Since I'm using Phaenoh's mod so this is showing in formal category and I think it will look better with higher heels.

Also made a few recolours (more vibrant) as custom. Both default and custom are available for female adult and young adult. Using this mod by Phaenoh, will only show in formal category. Without the mod it will only appear in the everyday category - except the custom recolour which is set for just formal. Everything can be saved in your download folder. H&M required for the default to show up. Custom mesh is a standalone so does not need H&M. Has fat morph but not pregnant morph.

(old) - 1358
(new) - 2186

(old) - 1023
(new) - 1607

Thank you
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