2 default replacements - Nightlife scarf-and-gloves formal dress

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Uploaded: 21st Sep 2016 at 11:55 PM
Updated: 22nd Sep 2016 at 3:13 PM
These are default replacements for afbodydressscarfgloves from Nightlife. The outfits that are replaced are the red and yellow ones that appear in CAS, as well as a hidden clone of the Diva's outfit that Maxis included in Nightlife. The clone has been unhidden, and all three outfits have been enabled for young adults, but I left all three outfits as Formal only.

The replacement outfits are by SweetAmberkins. I couldn't decide whether to use her Illusion Waist Dress set, or her Elegant Mermaid Dress set, so I did both. I used the Sunflower outfit from the Illusion Waist set, the
Yellow outfit from the Elegant Mermaid set, and the Cherry and Black outfits from both sets. I have kept to the Maxis color scheme, so Sunflower/Yellow replaces Maxis yellow, Cherry replaces Maxis red, and Black replaces Maxis black.

Each replacement set is in its own rar file, and each rar is tagged to show which replacement outfit it uses. Each rar includes a replacement package for the unhidden outfits and a replacement package for the hidden black outfit (which also unhides it). The packages are tagged to show which outfits they replace and which replacement outfit they use, so you can mix-and-match if you want to. The mesh for the Illusion Waist set is by NataliS, and the mesh for the Elegant Mermaid set is from LianaSims, and each rar file includes the correct mesh.

These must load after other default replacements for afbodydressscarfgloves, but should not interfere with them. They should simply override any replacements for the red, yellow, and hidden black outfits that may be present.

Additional Credits:
SweetAmberkins, for the replacement textures
LianaSims and NataliS, for the meshes.