Citrus Tree Override + Standalone (More Swatches)

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Uploaded: 15th Aug 2022 at 3:30 AM
Updated: 2nd Nov 2022 at 10:57 PM
✔Game tested and compatible with 1.93 patch


Added standalone version with all possible combinations of cards, oranges and pot colours - 70 swatches in total, separate catalog entry. With respect to Asian culture and traditions.

Initial release

This citrus tree is one of my favourite plants, but I hated those hanging cards or envelopes. I was very inspired with simsi45's Harvested Citrus edit and just wanted to have all the pot colours both with and without orange fruits. So I've made my own version.

What's included?

This is an override with following changes:
  • removed all the cards/envelopes from all the textures, specular, normal map and dirty overlay;
  • added missing swatches for pot colours to have them both with and without oranges;
  • swatches with oranges have two-coloured thumbnail (former card/envelope) and those without have single coloured ones;
  • made the new swatches placeable on the small deco slots like all of my Clutter Anywhere Plant Edits*.
*This override is fully compatible with the initial Citrus Tree edit in Clutter Anywhere mod. As the Object Catalog resources (with placement rules override) are included in Clutter Anywhere, this file contains only textures of the original swatches so there is no conflict.

Standalone version does not modify the original item, but adds a separate catalog entry with 70 swatches. Every pot colour now has following variations:
  • 4 swatches with oranges and every card type;
  • 4 swatches without oranges with every card type;
  • one swatch with oranges without cards;
  • one swatch without oranges and cards;
  • all the swatches are placeable on the small deco slots like all of my Clutter Anywhere Plant Edits.

Simsi45 for their Harvested Citrus edit, Sims4Studio and EA.