Plant Fruit Trees indoors in Planters with No Cheats. Create a Real Greenhouse! Garden All Winter Long!

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Uploaded: 7th Sep 2022 at 9:15 PM
Planters to Grow Fruit Trees Inside!

Special Thank you to @Sweetdevil for allowing me to include her Planters in this mod.

I have always wanted to create a greenhouse with a working roof or plant my fruit trees in the cellar next to my nectar makers. Well now I can!

I discovered the Into the Future Soil rugs. I had never used them as I never play the EP.

Here is what I found I put those rugs in my house and planted fruit trees. I did not need moveobjects on to do it. So then I decided lets see what happens when I copy the script to a planter. I took the 1x1 rug script and applied to one of the planters from Supernatural and it worked.

How this will work:

1. Place the planters indoors with a room with a ceiling and a roof (or just a ceiling)
2. Click on the tree seeds in your inventory and click plant
3. Place in the planter

Works just like planting regular plants.

Now the magic.

1. You can grow fruit trees in a planter indoors (real greenhouses can now be made)
2. They do not go dormant (somewhat) in the winter because they are indoors. If they go dormant they auto lose this at 5am and become normal again. This happens when you plant a new plant or tree in the planter as it grows. So don't worry when you see it happen.
3. You can still use the planters for everything you would normally grow
4. You do not see the tops of the trees through the floor above!

What is included in the downloads:

Required to Make them Work:

Basegame Compatible - Individual EPs not Required
Download Folder: MTS_marydehoyos_Planters_and_Rugs_BG_Compatible
1. Supernatural Planters
2. Into the Future Soil Rugs
Place in your Mods>Packages Folders

Supernatural and Into the Future Override Packages - Supernatural and/or Into the Future EPs installed
Download Folder: MTS_marydehoyos_Planters_and_Rugs_Supernatural_Overrides
1. Supernatural Planters Overrides. Place in Mods>Overrides
2. Into the Future Soil Rug Overrides. Place in Mods>Overrides
Note: If you have Into the Future installed and use these Rugs it will only recatorgize them from Decor>Rugs to Decor>Plants

Supernatural Planter Standalones - Not Overrides - Supernatural and Into the Future Required or grab the Basegame Compatible Ones and drop them in (these will not conflict)
Download Folder: MTS_marydehoyos_Planters_Standalone. Place in Mods>Packages

I made a standalone version that do not conflict with the originals from Supernatural. The reason I did this was so if you wanted to keep certain ones as planters instead of having them be soil rugs you could mix and match them. This way you could still finish the "buy a planter" opportunity if it pops up. If you only have the Override Planters without having another kind of Planter installed it doesn't recognize the "Rug" planters as a Planter.

SweetDevil's More Planters!
Download Folder: MTS_sweetdevil_sweetdevil_MorePlanters_marydehoyos_TreeEnabled
Sweetdevil was kind enough to give me permission to add her planters to this. If you have her planters installed you will need to take them out and install these planters or follow the instruction below to add the string from the Rugs to her planters. Which was all I did.
They are individual planters so you can pick and choose or add them all.

If you want to make your own out of CC Planters
1. Open one of the Planters in S3PE 2. Left Click on the OBJK > Click Edit OBJK > Copy the Script String
3. Open the CC Planter and S3PE > Left Click on the OBJK > Click Edit OBJK > Paste the Script in > Commit Changes and Save