Toddler Activity Table for Skill Learning

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Uploaded: 25th May 2022 at 2:28 PM
Updated: 21st Jul 2022 at 8:42 AM
Update 2022-07-21:
Added Russian Translation by HYDRO1st.
Added Chinese Translation by PieceOfCarambola.

Update 2022-06-27:
Toddlers will now move away father from the table when they are done, because they sometimes could not be picked up.
Added French Translation by MissPat.
Added translation files for Translators.

Ever got frustrated that you could only get your toddler started on so few skills? Want your toddlers to socialize while they learn skills together?
Look no further. I present: An actual useful activity table.
Have your toddler learn Gardening,Handiness, Cooking, Logic, Painting or the hidden Sandcastle Skill (which boosts Sculpting when they get older).

This was heavily inspired by Sandys (ATS3) amazing toddler activity set. Which I recommend getting to decorate the table:

Sandy has given me permission to include the table itself in the Download, the other matching Downloads are here:
and I also recommend getting the invisible blocks for Activity tables, because I have not edited the animations yet, so they are the same as the original table.

The table by default has Handiness as its skill selected, you can change the skill by enabling testingcheats and shift clicking the table.

So select the skill you want, decorate your table nicely and start teaching those toddlers!

Download instruction:

I uploaded two versions:
If you do not have the table yet or want to keep your override folder small, download the table included file, unzip and put the package file in your Mod folder.

If you already have the table deeply merged into some unknown package, you can download the seperate file. Put the override into overrides and the other one into your Mods folder.

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