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Cape Cod Mansion no cc

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Personal Picked Upload! This is a personal favourite of the creator!
Uploaded: 13th Feb 2020 at 11:54 AM

Good day fellow Simmers! It has been years since I posted a new lot! The truth is life happened and I stopped playing the Sims for a while. But i'm back in full and ready to get to work!

This mansion's exterior and some interior was inspired in part by a floor plan I found online, however due to the limitations of this game vs real life it ended up becoming something completely different. I cannot seem to locate the original floor plan for reference online anymore .

Building this lot was a painstaking process! I spent hours just trying to get the roofs to look normal and not too over the top. I also spent hours deciding what wall height to use for each floor. I messed around a lot with that and the windows and doors until I finally stuck with the medium high walls. This house was also supposed to be raised with a foundation. The foundation would have made the house a little taller and a little grander. The problem was that I wanted to build a roof that stuck out over the driveway held up by columns but when I started this build some time ago the column heights were not adjustable like they are today; it looked very strange. After a while I abandoned this project. When I finally came back to it a few weeks ago I encountered a glitch that was blocking me from raising the foundation for no reason. I failed to find a solution to that so the house has no foundation

The backyard and upstairs porch were really fun to make. I designed the yard with partying in mind. The yard is the perfect venue for hosting events for your sims. I've included a DJ Booth and outdoor kitchen, along with a beautiful pool and plenty of space for seating and lounging. Check out the pictures to see what a party looks like on this lot.

A strange glitch with an easy fix:
I used bb.moveobjects a lot on this lot. If you do not enable bb.moveobjects before placing this lot, a lot of columns and other items will be deleted. So just enable the cheat, place the lot then disable the cheat afterwards.

This lot uses no cc but does require most of the dlc. Cats and Dogs is needed for the doors and windows; they are imperative to the exterior aesthetic.

Please if you have any additional questions or concerns do not hesitate to post comments. Also any suggestions and opinions are greatly appreciated. I am very responsive and will get back to you relatively quickly.
Thank you so much for taking an interest!

Lot Size: 40x30
Lot Price (furnished): 350936
Lot Price (unfurnished): 103356