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Woohoo autonomy tweaks

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Uploaded: 15th May 2024 at 2:59 PM
Updated: Yesterday at 2:21 PM
In sims 4 woohoo interaction is technically autonomous, but it never happens. This mod fixes that.

- XML Injector

It includes 3 optional addon files :
- "Scanner_AutonomousWooHoo_Addon_Addon_fix" - Removes duplicates in the pie menu. Remove this file if you don't care about this, or you think some romance interactions are missing.
- "Scanner_AutonomousWooHoo_Addon_NakedWoohoo" - Woohoo in bed and shower will be done naked. Could be used separately from the main file.
-"Scanner_AutonomousWooHoo_Addon_Testset" - It removes some restrictions for autonomy.There are 3 versions. Install only one:
V1 - With this file sims need to be flirty, had woohoo with each other and don't have a cooldown buff(1200 seconds duration).
V2 - With this file sims need to be flirty and don't have a cooldown buff(1200 seconds duration).
V3 - Combination of 2 above. First one applies for teens only. Second one for YA, Adult and Elders.

- Added more versions of Testsets. Make sure to remove all old files when updating.

- Minor fix. Plus tune down stat that pushes autonomy, so they will queue up woohoo a bit less often.