Cowplant Tweaks

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Uploaded 4th Jun 2015 at 4:19 AM · Updated 4th Jun 2015 at 1:44 PM by kylebeans

Important Disclaimer
This mod is inspired by Dangerous Cowplants by Alexnidhogg, which appears to be outdated / not working for many people according to the comments. If you still have that installed for some reason, it will cause a conflict with this mod.

What does it do?

I've included three flavors for you to play with:

Cowplant_AlwaysEat does exactly what you'd expect. Sims who choose to Eat Cake will be devoured 100% of the time now. Here's a cute little Vine Video to demonstrate. Update 06/04/15 - Autonomy on death interactions doesn't seem to be very frequent. Use this version if you prefer Eat Cake to be a user-directed action.

Cowplant_AlwaysEatAutoFix (Updated 06/04/15) is an updated version that makes sims be devoured 100% of the time, AND changes how often sims will choose to Eat Cake autonomously. Sims will now try to Eat Cake when they are hungry, so keep both your sims and your plants fed. Use this version for a MUCH more dangerous cowplant experience.

Cowplant_AlwaysLifePotion will make your cowplant produce Life Essence every time they drain a sim. This replaces the various "Mood Essence" you could originally milk.

All files need to be unzipped to use. Technically these files shouldn't conflict with each other, but using Cowplant_AlwaysEat would render Cowplant_AlwaysLifePotion completely useless... so I guess you can do whatever.

Cowplant_AlwaysEat will conflict with anything that changes the Death_Cowplant superinteraction files inside the game, so play safe kiddies.

Additional Credits:
The fabulous people working in the create / tutorial forums here on MTS. The information and tools available here were enough to make this possible for a total beginner. Thanks, guys, gals, and everyone in between!

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Tags: #cowplant, #tweaks, #override, #xml tuning