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Howdy :howdy:

I found this house on the web a while ago and decided to build it. It was a type of italian classic house, but since the roofing turned out rather impossible to do I quickly turned it into quite the modern house.

But first of all I would like to give a HUGE thanks to the folowing persons for their fantastic controbutions of new and recoloured objects that helped me furnish the house.
Since I have used A LOT of customs in this house I have linked to the respective people's DL pages rather than to all the sites for each object. (Hope this is ok with the "Upload manager")
I normaly dont do it like this, but the list would othervice have been endless.

--> Numenor
Wall, window, Door pack

--> CTNutmegger
Platform Bed --- Simple Futon Bed

--> missrer
Dining/coffee tables and chairs

--> RGiles
Scarborough Kitchen

--> Samekh
Coffee Table

--> SolanderCGN and SolanderCGN web site
New Livingroom Set --- Kitchen-Set Futurama --- Living room Cool & Fresh --- Office set jobladder --- Style up your bath

--> ta539
A Space Odyssey station lounge set --- Book shelf and TV shelf
--- Connective Chair set --- Designer's series #4 Saarinen Tables --- Djinn coffee table --- Hanging Wall Deco --- Seven Chair --- System shelf --- Tall and Short Bookshelves

--> teko
Inviting Diningroom

--> thefuzmixman
Mechanical Animals Sofa

--> mickyss
FiddleWood Tree and Hippieaystrem --- Garden 13 NEW PLANTS --- Leafy Flower Plant, Pampas, Swiss Philidendron, Fishbone Fern, Sun Flower --- Lilac Plant, Conifer Pine Box Shrub, Bleeding Heart vine, Small Philli --- Wondering Ivy, MaidenHair Fern and Cycad Plants

--> klarsicht42
KS InFloor Lamp --- KS InWallLight-System --- KS lightONE

--> lledford12
Stackable Washer and Dryer

Baby Grand Piano

--> simfantastic2
Simfantastic 2's Vehicle Mania

The rest of the items in the house that are not listed above are my creations and are all linked under this page.
If I am wrongfully taking credit for a mesh/recolour, or I have missed to mention someone in the list above! Please feel free to smack me. :smash:


The Italian comes in 2 v. 1 furnished at 476.000 simoleons and 1 unfurnished at 139.000 simoleonsis. The furnished house is quite large so be patient when DL.
Its buildt on a 5x5 lot and contains:

1'rst Floor Outdoor:
-> BBQ and seeting in the front.
-> Swiming pool with a dive tower and sun beds in the back.

1'rst Floor:
-> 1 Double garage.
-> 1 Master (guest) bed room with private bath room.
-> 1 laundry room.
-> 1 Gym.
-> 1'rst Floors Master bed room w private bath room n WIC.
-> 1 Bath room
-> 1 Large room that contains -
--> The Front door entry w 2 small indoor ponds.
--> "The Green" dining area.
--> Kitchen w a dining nook.
--> "The Brown" living area.
--> "The Red" living area.
--> "The orange" lounge area.

2'nd Floor Outdoor:
-> Small veranda with seeting.

2'nd Floor:
-> 2'nd Floors Master bed room w private bath room n 2 WIC.
-> The office.
-> "The Yallow" Living area.
-> Small bath room.
-> Game room.
-> 2 Kids room. Both w private bath room.
-> 1 large room that contains -
--> "The Blue" Living area.
--> The Piano.
--> Open view down to 1'rst floors entry and "The brown" living area.

You need to have the *Recolourable* Holy Smoke modular stairs and the "WallWindow" glass set V.2 from Numenor installed for this house.

So. I hope you all enjoy this house, and let me know if you dont. Or better yet if you do

Note. The painting you se in the pictures here I had to remove due to the size of the furnished rar. But you can DL my Wassily Kandinsky small set HERE and decorate as you please.