Phantom manor - Disney world Paris Style - NL Req/Hack Free

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Uploaded: 7th Oct 2005 at 11:58 PM
Updated: 8th Oct 2005 at 10:55 AM
Hi again.

Finally I have finished the house injinfujon requested some time ago. Hope it is to her likings.
I have based the house on the pic she had in her request thread and other pictures I found on the web.

It’s a 3 story house w. basement on a 6x5 lot. Horror is the style.

* NL pack is required. No hacks in the DL. *

In the Unfurnished house I have left all the outdoor lights and decor as this is a major part of the overall "haunted" style.

-> Several walk paths and seeting areas in front/arround of the house.
-> 2 graveyards with fresh graves. 1 large and 1 small.
-> Parking space for 1 car. (Front/left)
-> 2 crypts. 1 large with 2 coffins and 1 small with 1 coffin.
-> The Path Of Roses. Leading you from the safety of the house over to the large crypt where a certeny of vampyreism awaits you.

-> A gym/fun room.
-> The swiming pool room.
-> The Pool room

1'rst floor:
-> The front entrance.
-> 1 small bath room.
-> 1 large room that holds the living area, the kitchen and the dining room.
* The living area has a fireplace and some book shelfs for those quiet nights at home when your not out biting into the necks of all your negbhours.
Or why not invite them over and spend some quality time at the piano.

2'nd floor:
-> 3 bed rooms. 1 master bed room with a fireplace and 2 smaller for the vampy children.
-> The main bath room.
-> 1/4 stairway leeding down to the 2'nd floor balcony where one can enjoy a good game of chess.

3'rd floor:
-> The 3'rd floor holds the tv-room. A computer is also set up here and are allready connected and online.

1 fully furnished house @ 358.000 simoleons.
1 unfurnished house @217.000 simoleons.

Credits go to the following for their contribution with objects:
<-> Gromit - Gargoyle On A Pedestal
<-> mickyss - Angel HeadStone / 3 HeadStone's for your grave yards / More Headstones - 2 NEW
<-> Numenor - WallWindow" glass set V.2"

The rest of the custom items in the house are my creations.

NOTE! You need Numenors "WallWindow" glass set V.2. Links above.

So. I hope that injinfujon and all you others out there like it. Let me know.

Edit! I just remembered that i forgot to place my bats arround the house. Sheit! Oh well.
If you want you can DL my decorative bats from here and place some arround the lot.