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New meshes: 5-slot end table and matching napkin

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Uploaded: 8th Aug 2006 at 9:11 PM
Updated: 15th Oct 2008 at 7:41 PM by -Maylin-
I couldn't resist it and made 5 slots end table :-<

The end table takes 1 tile and allows 5 objects to be placed on it by a user. However, sims can place objects on 1st slot only - I still haven't figured out why, any ideas welcome.
This end table is supposed to hold relatively small objects (i.e. cakes, like its real-life prototype) and its supporting strength is adjusted accordingly.
It can be placed at floor, coffee table, end table, dining table, counter (but not on itself). When placed on a surface, you can't place anything on it; however, you can first 'load' table with stuff, then place it on a surface. Sims can take objects off the table which stands on something.
Can be found in Surfaces /End tables.
End table consists of 2 subsets - 'metal' and 'cloth' - with 5 recolors for each, all in one package:
- metal - gold, chrome, black, wood (:-)) and glass (:-D)
- cloth - white-and-red, white-and-blue, yellow-with-flowers, lace, and none (when you select it, cloth is invisible)

The napkin is created to decorate a room similarly to end tables
Napkin borrows textures from the end table, and wouldn't work without it. It allows object and person intersection, but placement on surface is made in a tricky way - you have to:
- buy napkins in Buy mode and place them on floor
- in Game mode, click on each napkin by an active sim and select appropriate height from 'Place at' menu
- then, move napkins over the surfaces
Disadvantage of this approach is that you can placenapkins over surfaces of default Maxis heights only:
- counters, height = 1.0
- dining and end tables, height = 0.8
- coffee tables, height = 0.5
The main advantage and reason of this trick is that you still can place objects on surfaces which 'overlap' with napkins. Napkin can also be 'placed' on any other object which happen to have the same height as one of listed above.
Again, suggestions of other workarounds are welcome
Can be found in Decorative / Miscellaneous.

These objects don't need any EPs, and should work with all. (I have original game only; source objects were octagonal end table and fruitbowl; screenshots were made in game with all EPs.)

Both 'metal' and 'cloth' subsets of end table are color-enabled; napkin can't be recolored directly, it inherits recolors of end table's 'cloth' subset.
Both subsets are bump-map enabled.

Meshes were created in 3dsmax and imported to SimPE using skankyboy's smd plugin.
Meshes geometry:
- end table, metal - 592 faces, 564 vertices
- end table, cloth - 420 faces, 365 vertices
- napkin, cloth - 2 faces, 4 vertices

Feel free to recolor, but please link back to this thread. Please don't clone and don't post on pay sites.

Attached are screenshots of available end table recolors, and napkin examples on different surfaces with other objects standing.