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Cellar - suitable fridge for your shipwrecked/Apocalypsed/medieval sims

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Uploaded: 13th Jun 2008 at 2:52 PM
Updated: 27th Oct 2008 at 5:23 PM by -Maylin-
There's plenty of game setups when normal fridges don't really fit the picture - for example, your sim is shipwrecked and lives on uninhabited island; or survived Apocalypsis so civilization is in ruins; or simply lives in medieval times when electricity is not yet known. Before people got fridges, they were successfully using cellars - and your sims can now use them, too

So here's the thing that cost me a lot of my work, sweat and some head bruises - cellar that functions as a fridge (few functions are disabled), object with custom animations.
It doesn't require any addons, and compatible with any; addon-specific functions also work if required addon is installed - for example Make/MakeMany works if you have Open for Business, StoreLeftovers works if you have Seasons; Prepare Food For Contest works if you have Free Time (thanks to Numenor).
Note: the version initially submitted didn't had PrepareFoodForContest working - I figured out how to fix it while the thread was in moderation queue. So, if you happened to download cellar before this update, and want this function to work - please redownload just the OBJ_Jasana_fridgeRobinson.rar. I'm sorry

Tested in basegame-only, OfB-only, Seasons-only and up-to-FreeTime environments, so if you have different game configurations, please report if something goes wrong.

Disabled functions are:
-- getting bottles for babies and toddlers - because there can't be bottles in the setups when cellars are needed; I plan to make breastfeeding social to make a proper bottle replacement what remains to do are animations, but I'm a bit tired of them for now, so it wouldn't be released soon by the way, if there's anyone capable of doing animations and wanting to help - PM me :-<
-- playing with cellar doors, and lazy eating from fridge - because I was just lazy to create more animations :-<
Getting snacks is NOT disabled, though; indeed, chips and juice cans are not shipwrecked/medieval example of food, but it's the only option for children in Seasons-less games; so I guess if yould be better to create proper snacks later, rather than disabling them completely.

Cellar includes two recolorable subsets, outside and inside. Current outside recolors (grouped in archives by terrain type) are made to match Maxis terrains - grass, desert and beach sand. Have to admit, though, that in games with Seasons, color matching depends from season, in autumn it's most mismatching; can't figure how to avoid it
If anyone wants to make more recolors, feel free to do so (as long as they'll be free as this cellar is) - I'll provide UVW maps and templated if necessary. I suck with recoloring, so I hope someone will create better ones :-<

Poly count is really low - 1557 faces, 1479 vertices for 9-tile object - so it shouldn't slow down any game.

Feel free to report problems if they occur

Technical details
For working custom animations - made with AniMesh, thanks Wes - I had to simply create new ones and put them to appropriate STR#. As long as a2o and o2a anims have the same length, synchronization is handled automatically (my anims are much longer than original, and child anims are longer than adult ones). All the functionality remains in semiglobal, so addon compatibility is easily achieved.
Cellar is multi-tile; only the lead tile works as fridge, the rest are decorative (needed because I need to hide floor); interactions with them are transferred to lead tile.
There are 3 scenegraphic chains in package - for the cellar, for its thumbnail (with opened doors - to see the inside) and for Neighborhood view; I added the last two manually, so not sure how clone may handle it.

Feel free to recolor, but keep the recolors free - don't post them as pay or donation items.
Since cellar is yet being tested, please don't include it with your lots or recolors - give link to this thread instead.
Ask for my permission if you want to clone the cellar. I'm likely to give permission if result is going to be free.
Please don't upload it to Exchange.

To Wes Howe, for UniMesh, AniMesh, testing cellar in base game, and listening to my whining
To Peter Jones, for PJSE plugins.
To Echo, for helping with footprint, and footprint-editing plugin.
To Numenor, for helping with PrepareFoodForContest interaction, for explanations how to create custom thumbnail, and for BaseGameStarter which allowed to test cellar in various game configs.
To Quaxi for SimPE and all of its functions, which allowed to me to change so much.
To MTS chat, for listening to my whining, too, and saying nice things :D
To Akulina, for the screenshots.

Polygon Counts:
Cellar - 1557 faces, 1479 vertices for state with highest count