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Fairies for your sims gardens - UPDATED 01.11.2008 (TESTERS WANTED)

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Uploaded: 29th Nov 2007 at 11:45 AM
Updated: 11th Jan 2008 at 12:04 PM - updated 01.11.2008
And one more update The last one, I hope.

Note that you must have all 3 packages from the OBJ_Jasana_FairyNature.rar, and the package from OBJ_Jasana_NPC_FairyMover.rar in your Downloads folder for fairies to work properly. Recolor is optional. UVW is needed only for those who plan to create more recolors.

List of changes
1. Seasons' plants quality now increases (plant gets happier) if their weeds are removed by a playful fairy.
2. Fairy homes are now visible in Buy and Build modes even when they have fairies spawned - it would be handy to find where they are
3. Fairy homes now have 3 interactions added, all with options 'for this Home only' (affects only the home which sim clicked at) and 'for all Nature Homes' (affects all homes with the same guid):
- DELETE Home and its fairy - will delete the home(s), and associated fairy (after it finishes current interaction loop)
- Spawn Fairy? NO - home will remain on lot, but wouldn't spawn any fairies and delete existing ones - if you want to keep homes, but get rid of fairies for a while
- Spawn Fairy? YES - return to normal behavior - spawn fairies
Since functioning homes are normally invisible, you'll likely use these options with 'for all Nature Homes' choice. Or you can move a home in Buy mode, wait until it gets visible, and then click on it.
4. I did it in previous update, but forgot to mention - I made fairies to move a bit slower, at a pace of normal sim.
5. Fairies are now ready for customization - it is possible to create a fairy with different list of objects to visit, differerent actions in playful state, different animations etc. - while using the same FairyMover. For this purpose, FairyMover is separated to different archive

Finally, I'm updating them They still need testing, but for now I believe they are more or less finished.

Those who have earlier version, please delete OBJ_Jasana_FairyHome_1x1.package before extracting new ones, because I renamed it.

List of changes
1. Fairies are now recolorable, wings and body separately. I'm including one recolor for some variety Those who wish to recolor, see instructions at the end of post.
2. I hadn't completely fixed the 'disappearing after lot load' problem - added a fix, but it not always work, somehow Therefore, fairy home now spawns new fairy if it notices that its fairy is gone (check is made once in sim hour). Therefore, fairy home is now recolorable, too - you can select a color on fairy home, and it will spawn fairies of selected color. All future recolors will work with this, no changes would be needed.
3. For their well-being, fairies need to have objects of these categories on lot:
- ground flower (value - 0x35) - i.e. daisies, tulips
- bush/hedge (0x53)
- floor plant (0xAF) - while they're not really garden items, I added them because macarossi's plants have this category, and I love them but because of this, fairies may fly into your house
- tree (0x52)
- Seasons' plant (0xA5)
- Seasons' orchard tree (0xAC)
Note that green stuff is identified by categories (set in Init BHAV), not by catalog sorting - because all of them have different rating logic. If you know of a green stuff which should be in this list, but isn't - report it to me.
Fairies visit randomly selected objects of these categories, and get happier/sadder depending on object state (i.e. happier if flowers are not wilted; sadder if a bush is overgrown).
If fairy is very sad, it will abandon your lot. If fairy is very happy, it will "dance" in a special way, and, more importantly, will destroy weeds on lot if there are any - both 'normal' and Seasons' weeds
4. Fairy homes should overlap with an object of ground flower/bush/floor plant category to hide and spawn fairies. However, after you placed it on lot for the first time - it would take sim hour for it to notice that it overlaps with a valid plant. It's a known problem, and I'm out of ideas why it's so But it's a minor problem, in my eyes, so I left it at is.
6. Fairies sleep when there's snow on ground, and wake when there's none.
7. When sims meet/watch fairy for the first time, they got a green memory about fairy. It doesn't really do anything, only adds to their memories list.
8. All texts are in English and Russian. If you want to have menus in your own language - please help to translate them
9. Fairies got custom thumbnail, instead of default T pose. When you add an interaction with fairy, icon will be T pose for a short while - it will fix itself shortly. Sorry, I couldn't eliminate it completely.

If problems other than known ones still occur for someone - please try to use testingCheatsEnabled cheat and see if error pops up; if it does - please attach the error log so I can read it.

First of all, I want to say sorry, because I hadn't implemented all the things I wanted in this project, so currently fairies do almost nothing. But if people would be interested, I'll improve them
Have you ever wanted to see a fairy? Have you ever wanted to make your sims see one? The second can now be granted
Place FairyHome(s) in your sim garden, and fairies will appear there. Your sims will have fun watching them, while they inspect your trees, bushes and flowers.
Putting it plain
Attached file has 3 packages in it - all 3 are required for fairies to work properly.
The only thing you'll find in catalog is FairyHome - under Decorative/Miscellaneous. It looks like a small glass pyramide.
Place it at the same tile with some bush/hedge or ground flower - if placement is correct, it will become invisible - and it will spawn a Nature fairy.
The only thing fairy can do currently is fly from one green thing (tree, bush?hedge, ground flower) to another. Sims can watch fairy (adds fun) and meet fairy (adds fun and social). Honestly, meeting fairy isn't animated properly

Feel free to report problems if you encounter any.

Technical details
Original object was remote control toy car. Thanks to Echo for mentioning how it works
Since everything is cloned in base-game-only environment, it should work with base game and any combination of addons.
Fairy consists of 2 subsets, 'fairy' and 'wings'. It's not yet recolorable.
It's relatively high-poly, sorry - 2344 faces, 1633 vertices.
Fairy home is not deletable while fairy is alive. Since it's no way yet for fairy to die, it's not deletable once a fairy is spawned You can have any number of fairy homes and fairies on lot - though, as always, the more you have, the more it may slow down your game.

Recolor instructions

To Wes_H, for UniMesh and AniMesh plugins.
To Peter Jones, for PJSE plugins.
To Echo, for info about RC car and various BHAV help.
To AdidasSG2, for the info about RandomNumber primitive.
To Numenor, for explanations how to add custom thumbnail camera.
To MTS Staff, for their patience

Feel free to recolor this fairy, but don't use those recolors as donation or pay items, and don't forget to credit me
Ask for my permission/instructions if you want to clone fairy. I'm likely to give permission if result wouln't be donation or pay.
Since it's still in testing, please don't include it in your lots or with recolors - give link to this thread instead.

Polygon Counts:
Fairy - 2344 faces, 1633 vertices for fairy mesh; 6 faces, 12 vertices for thumbnail mesh
Fairy Home - 16 faces, 36 vertices

Custom Content by Me:
- Fairy - Nature
- Fairy Home - Nature
- NPC - Fairy Mover
- Memory - Seen Fairy
- recolor of Fairy - Nature