New mesh: teen formal dress with alpha layers

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2007 at 7:01 PM
Updated: 10th Oct 2008 at 2:38 AM by CatOfEvilGenius
So, here's a new dress mesh for female teens, hope you'll enjoy it

Mesh history
In short, this mesh is actually a requested gift.
In long, there's a Russian forum where I 'dwell'; we hold Sims2-making contests from time to time; on the most recent (spring) contest, to encourage people to participate, I promised to make any mesh the winner will request (fitting the category in which the winner had won). So, this mesh was requested by winner in teen female clothes set category, Blondmermaid aka Janna.

Mesh notes
Mesh has heels and 2 alpha layers - inner skirt (alpha1) and outer skirt and sleeves (alpha2). Both alphas have backfaces, so you can shorten/shape them anyway you want; however, due to this, it's relatively high-poly - 4272 faces, 2880 vertices (for comparison, original tfbodynaked had 1930 faces, 1244 vertices).
Mesh has fat state and bump maps working, for all layers.
Mesh created from tfbodynaked, so it is compatible with any versions of the game.
Mesh archive contains UVW maps for body and alpha layers (UVW is the same for both alphas) - these are useful for recolorers. If you are not going to recolor, feel free to delete them If you are going to recolor, but not sure what these are for - use them as base texture in your recolor and see

Mesh flaws
I'll be honest - this mesh isn't flawless (as you can see from some screenshots), but I made it as close to good as I can. With most usual poses, you'll see no clipping. However, in some cases it still occurs - i.e. when sim places hands on hips, hands sink into skirts; ground-sitting poses also have some clipping. I'm afraid there's nothing I can do about it However, feel free to comment about the poses where flaws appear - there are still chances that I missed something.

Both uploaded recolors are made by Janna, and uploaded by me with her permission. (Sorry, but I don't like to recolor, so anything by me wouldn't look good, so I asked her permission to use these).
Actually, she already made more recolors - uploaded them to VitaSims, see pages 35-37 in teen clothing.

To skankyboy, for the smd plugin.
To Dr Pixel and Sunair, for explanations how to add subsets to clothing mesh.
To pinhead, for explanations how to set up opacity properly (on hair example).
To Janna, for allowing to use her textures.
To MTS2 #create chat, for listening to my whinings :D

Feel free to create recolors of this mesh, but don't post them as donation or pay items - only free - and don't forget to credit me properly.
Ask for permission if you want to clone/alter it.
You may use clothes with this mesh in your sims, if they are posted on a free site. (The Exchange or TSR doesn't count as free site, if anyone doubts.)
You may upload the mesh with your recolor, if you put a link to this post as well - however, I'd prefer if you give link to this thread, for error-reporting (if any) and updates purposes.

Polygon Counts:
4272 faces, 2880 vertices total.