Town House - A 4 bedroom family home

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Uploaded 2nd Oct 2006 at 8:34 PM

Beautiful terraces of late Georgian/Early Victorian Town Houses built from local stone are very common in the UK city where I live. This particular house is based on one in which some friends of mine live, turned into a simmified detached family home.

It is a 3 storey home with 4 bedrooms (one of which makes an excellent nursery), 2 full bathrooms, a downstairs shower/toilet room, kitchen , living room, dining room and a study/skilling room. The garden has a hot-tub and barbeque area and space for weddings or a pool to be added. There is a 1 car driveway and an attached 1 car garage.

1 have extensively play tested this house and it coped well with a family who ended up with 4 children after twins turned up.

The house is fully furnished with Maxis content except for the stairs which are custom (detailed below).

Lot size is 3x2
Price is just under S150,000

Custom Content Included

Recolourable Holy Smoke stairs by Numenor from here

Wood recolour of Recolourable Holy Smoke stairs by cwirsing from here

Recolourable Wooden Stairs by Numenor from here

Pictured, but not included or neccessary are

Chez Moi Upper Cabinets (matching Maxis Chez Moi conters) from WDS and available here

I hope you enjoy this house.

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