The Rest-E-Zee Economy Hotel/Motel (With or without beds)

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Uploaded 18th Jan 2007 at 9:27 AM · Updated 11th Feb 2007 at 4:05 AM by CrowsMan

The Rest-E-Zee economy hotel/motel has been certified as the best low rate hotel/motel in Simville. We pride ourselves in caring for your needs during the time you stay with us. Our dedicated team consisting of our cook and several waiters are one of the best in the buisness and pride ourselves in giving you a night will remember for all of the good reasons!

This is my first upload and my first attempt at building a small hotel/motel, I think for my skill range it turned out alright.

It was built on a 4x3 piece of land which includes, a carpark, 4 bedrooms and a restaurant and bar (bar inside of restaurant).

*EDIT* No.3
Before everyone starts to PM me about a certain topic can you please read post #10 in the comments!

I have left the rooms furniture free, except for the bathrooms and the restaurant. I have done this because I know many people like many different styles of rooms so I have left that wide open for your liking.

*EDIT* No.2
I have added a version of the hotel with beds! I finally got around to it and just added the basics like beds, televisions, wardrobes tables with phones, a couches in some rooms. The original bathrooms are also still there. This is mainly for the people who don't own Ofb. So I hope you enjoy!

I forget where I spotted a building of this type but that was the influence to it.

The only Custom Content I have used is Pacotocoplayer's Vending Machines which are here.

I also used PhantasyGurls's 'recolours' of them which can be found here.

You will also need Uni and Nightlife EP's for R-E-Z to be playable.

*EDIT* No.1
Thanks to some great info from dacycko, you can place beds in community lots without owning OFB! You will need to download loverat's community beds that I believe are found here.
Read the whole of loverat's page before doing so!

Remeber do not upload this or any of my other lots to any other site, even the exchange!

All comments and thanks are welcome!

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