Aspiration Rewards Sellable for Simoleans

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Uploaded 7th Apr 2007 at 2:45 AM · Updated 28th Sep 2008 at 7:34 PM by mike_1102

A complete collection of my mods, including those never published here on MTS2, can be downloaded here. http://cid-ca240b77438128c2.skydriv...0for%20TS2?uc=2

Your sims have too many aspiration points that they'll never use? Now they can sell them for something much more useful, namely simoleans.

Requires OFB
Compatible with AL, FT, BV, Seasons, Pets & OFB

A business like this is almost garenteed to be highly profitable as restocking the items cost the owner nothing except aspiration points.

Rewards that cost less aspiration points has higher relative simolean value. ex. the money tree's "wholesale price" is set to 15% of its aspiration points value, but the elixir is only worth 5% of its aspiration value. These numbers, of course, can be changed by editing the BCON resources using SimPE if you want.

***Only rewards that haven't been used (except the hot tub) can be set for sale.

Reward objects from the other expansions, ie. counterfeit machine, kibble of life, etc. are also sellable if you have them installed.

Sims restock the sold reward objects by taking earned aspiration points from the store owner.

If the owner doesn't have the required number of APs, the item will not restocked.

***Do not use moveobjects cheat to place the reward objects on surfaces that they're normally not allowed to be placed on. ex. the Smart milk shouldn't be on the floor, as they may become unrestockable.
***Try not to cancel the restock action while your sim is restocking, as this causes the owner to lose the aspiration points needed to restock the item but the item will not be restocked.

***Please let me know if there're any problems with this mod. I tested this on my computer which has all expansions installed, but it should only require the OFB EP to work.
***please do not redistribute this mod or upload it to any other websites.

Another mod I made that makes juice trays sellable if you have the Seasons EP.

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