Inventory Transfer Vase; Updated 05/05/08

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Uploaded: 14th Apr 2007 at 6:04 PM
Updated: 28th Sep 2008 at 7:31 PM
A complete collection of my mods, including those never published here on MTS2, can be downloaded here. http://cid-ca240b77438128c2.skydriv...0for%20TS2?uc=2

UPDATE 1 - May 05, 08:
A format incompatibility is fixed, that has been causing the game to crash for those who don't have a later expansion or stuff pack installed. My gratitude goes to Lord Darcy for helping me find the error and giving me many good advices and Lomesul for tirelessly testing the new version and past failed fixes. Version 2 is available now, for those who have experienced the crash with the original mod.

One of your elder sims is about to die but still has tons of craftables, produce,fish or other items in his/her inventory? Transfer all the items to a younger sim in 5 seconds with this hacked china vase. (Non-elder sims, of course, can also it).

Requires at least ONE EP or SP installed that enables access to your sims' inventory
Compatible with AL & ALL previous EPs of The Sims 2 ( If you DON'T have an EP released AFTER OFB or an SP after Teen Style Stuff, download the second version!)

You can choose to transfer all items, only non-buyable items(items not avaible in the main catalogue or aspiration rewards) or only craftables(which include all items created with the crafting stations if you have OFB, all produce and fish if you have Seasons and all the arts and crafts stuff from FT. or more precisely, all items that have a "CT - Is Craftable?" tree returning True when called.)

It is found in the Miscellaneous/Miscellaneous section of the catalog.

***Please note that there is a LIMIT on the maxinum number of aspiration points a sim can have. When you use the "transfer aspiration points" feature, please make sure that not both the action sim and the target sim have lots of aspiration points already. You may want to consider selling your sims' APs for simoleans using another mod I made, found here:

You can transfer items to any sim in household or visitor. select the name of the sim in the sub piemenu.

***I tested this on my computer which has all EPs installed. please let me know if there're any problems.
***please do not redistribute this item or include it in your packaged lots.