Luxury House (Semi-Mediterranean and Colonial)

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Uploaded 6th Aug 2007 at 9:48 PM · Updated 7th Aug 2007 at 8:14 PM by Tim_L

Luxury House (Semi-Mediterranean and Colonial)

This is a huge Luxury Home with Semi-Mediterranean and Colonial design features. This is a house built for Sims or Families which can afford it and have fun the whole time.

This house has

7 Bedrooms - 2nd Floor (Top Floor) has 4 Bedrooms, Basement has 3 Bedrooms

6 Baths - Main Floor has 1 Full Bath, 2nd Floor (Top Floor) has 3 Full Baths and the Basement has 2 Full Baths

Master Suite - Huge Master Bedroom, Nice Master Bath which has a Soaking Bathtub and a Seperate Shower which this whole bathroom has a Marble theme to it. Also has a Sitting Area and a Fireplace.

Basement Suites - There are two basement suites in this house. One suite has a Kitchen with a island breakfast bar, living area, 1 bathroom, and a bedroom. The other suite has a Kitchen, living area, 1 bathroom, and 2 bedrooms. Both suites are connected to the laundry room.

Laundry Room - This is where the Laundry would be done, get custom content Washers and Dryers to make it look like one. Also since I currently don't have Open For Business, there are no stairs, if you guys have Open For Business, you can make L Stairs in the laundry room that lead up to the Main floor which i've left space for.

Office/Study - This is where your sim will do most of their work and reading.

Family Room (Main Floor) - This is where your Sim can go chat and socialize, this room has a Fireplace

Living Room/Dining Room - This is where your Sims can watch the some TV when they get off work, Also is a place where your Sims and their friends can eat and socialize. This area has a Fireplace.

3 Kitchens - One Kitchen is on the Main Floor, and the Other kitchens are in the basement suites. Main Kitchen is fairly large. It has a breakfast bar also. Basement Kitchens are basically on one side but in one suite, there is a breakfast bar. I've forgotten to put a Dishwasher and Trash Compactor on the Main Floor but they will be included in the Following Update when i get Open For Business

Main Foyer - This is great for those times when you want to see the great view.

Rear Deck - This is where the outdoors can be enjoyed when eating your Hamburgers and Hotdogs on your Patio Furniture

Pool with 2 Diving Boards - This is great when those hot days come, your sims can enjoy the water and swim even till night because f the pool lighting.

2 Car Garage with Driveway - This is great for parking your 2 cars safely when not in use.

If you want, you could convert one of the basement suites into a Home Theatre which would be great for friends and families to enjoy.

I've uploaded an update of the house all for 166313, pics are included inside that .rar file, this is a list of what was added/updates

- Added Trash Compactor
- Added Dishwasher
- Added nicer looking paint in the foyer (Paste with Medium Wood Kick Molding)
- New Kitchen Tiles (Bathroom Tile, even though its that type of tile, it matchs the kitchen and makes the kitchen a much brighter place to be in)
- Added Front Fountain to add to that luxury touch
- Added a Hot Tub with a Sun Soaking area in the pool area
- Added Palm Trees to the pool area to make it more, Miami :P
- Made the Grass Greener

The File is under Luxury House Update Aug-7-07. It includes the update pictures.

Links to Front and Rear Pics (Other pics included in .rar)

There will be a following update when I get Open For Business so keep watch.

Enjoy this Luxury House
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Lot Price: 151632 (Original), 166313 (Aug 7 Update)

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