Modding VanGogh's Room - the wrong window

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Uploaded 28th Aug 2007 at 3:13 PM · Updated 28th Aug 2007 at 3:25 PM by nixie

Hi ya All,

the file name with D at the end is the diagonal window, the one without is straight. yes put both in your download folder please, they are recolourable.

I am currently on a secret project don't want to say it, because it will make feel obliged to make it leading to me abandoning it!

PS: What do you call that BRUSH on the bedside table? I want to find some reference picture to make a 3D out of. do you think its a men's hairbrush that looks like a shoe shine brush?

anyway, rofl, look at the title.

and these picture, the big secret

so I made the window following IgnorantBliss and Numenor's tutorial link below. Great tutorial by the way and this is the fruits from it, althought not goodly mesh.

Okay so why am I releasing one single window, first of all, its the wrong size, see the one in van gogh's room, its shorter, and in some other pictures it is 8 panel, and this one only has 6, so I have to clone another window probably, a shorted one. after that I have to learn how to clone a bed, and a mirror! I already have the chair! then need some custom wall texture and flooring. !

hope you like it a slightly open green framed 8 panel window !

Polygon Counts:
for all 4 of the meshes as they are the same mesh move and flip

Vertices = 232
textures = 428
normals = 232
facets = 252
groups = 2
materials = 1
regions = 0

Additional Credits:
mxd vangogh room - window
nixie's vincent van gogh's room project - the window cloned from The "Function of Plate Glass" Window straight version

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FREE WINGS 3D TUTORIALS: namely many by puzzledpaul at aardvarks

Special thanks to specific tutorial invoving the making of this item:
1) Tutorial: Creating Custom Windows by Ignorantbliss here:
2) Modding InfoCenter - Linking straight and diagonal objects by numenor here:

Have a wonderful simsful day simming!

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