Teamwork: Horse Sleigh 2007

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Uploaded: 16th Jan 2008 at 1:13 AM
Updated: 23rd Feb 2009 at 4:02 AM - Update and Recolour
Horse Sleigh 2007
Dragon Slave & hexameter

This is the first horse related vehicle we made as a team.
About a year ago Dragon Slave and me decided to make a horse related vehicle in teamwork. Unfortunately both of us had few opportunities to spend our free time with the Sims2. After a long time we finally come up now with this object.

The beautiful mesh of a Friesian horse for this project was made by Dragon Slave and on my opinion it's another master piece of a horse mesh she made. This type of horses is special in colour, the very long mane, tail and the feathered long hair on the legs.

See the profile of Dragon Slave here:

The work on the sleigh was my part of work. All together is what you can download for the game if you like it.

Technical remarks:

You need Nightlife to use this sleigh.
Update Feb 2009: Compatible with Numenor's 'Drivable Cars Without Nightlife' add-on
......................... Fixed for recolours; added a second colour

Extract the *.rar file to your Downloads folder to install it in the game.

The vehicle uses custom sounds.

You will hear the horse with typical noises and bells that ring when the sleigh is moving which gives a special athmosphere for the game.
I had to change several entries in the animation recources to provide the correct new sound and to "switch off" the sound of closing doors, etc. So I had to include these animations in the package in order to edit them. That's why the package file is larger than a normal car package.
If you don't like to hear the sound simply delete the packages that contain it. The vehicle will still work in the game.

The object covers 18 tiles
As it is very detailed and the two horses as well:
faces: 22 632 (1 257 per tile)
vertices: 14 339 ( 797 per tile)

I also changed the lights to be more realistic for a vehicle of this kind. See the screenshot token by night.

The horses are not animated (yet)! The sleigh was tested in my game and worked well.

We hope that you enjoy this vehicle. Have fun with it in your games!


Polygon Counts:
Horse-Sleigh 2007:
faces: 22 632 (1 257 per tile)
vertices: 14 339 ( 797 per tile)

Additional Credits:
The creators of SimPE Numenor for CEP EA for the cloned object
Shaklin for sharing her know how making custom sounds
And of course:
Dragon Slave for working with me on this project!