Gipsy Carts (incl. Basegame versions)

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Uploaded: 1st Dec 2008 at 3:16 PM
Updated: 14th Mar 2009 at 4:18 AM - Added the link to the sound package
Gipsy Cart Set
- Dragon Slave -
- Charme699 -
- hexameter -

It's not very often that I make special vehicles by request. This type of cart was first requested by Majin_Tenshi but by others, too. I liked the vehicle in the picture provided by Majin_Tenshi (see comparison) and I also wanted to have such a cart for my game. My friend Netseeker2 suggested to make a "tent" version and as I thought it might be a good idea to also have this cart as a decorative object for other occasions I got different vehicles and put them to this set.
No object creator can make a requested object exactly like it might be in the imagination of the one that requested it. So I convinced one of them who requested it, too, my friend Charme699, to make the textures. The vehicles never had got this great look (on my oppinion) if I had made the textures by myself.
So a big "Thank You!" to Charme699 for all the beautiful textures.
A horse drawn cart without a horse is only a nice decoration. The versions made for traffic situations use the great horse mesh of Dragon Slave.
The next "Thank You!" therefore has to go to Dragon Slave who created this special mesh.

Here the description of the parts:

- NL-GipsyCart-2008.rar
This is the drivable version with custom sound. If you want to have the correct noises use my sound package.
Get the "soundpackage" here:
This cart comes with five recolours using the textures made by Charme699.
Compatible with Numenor's 'Drivable Cars Without Nightlife' add-on

- BV-GipsyCart-2008.rar
Bon Voyage EP users may be interested in the cart that works like a tent. You can download this file with all the textures of Charme699. It doesn't use the horse mesh of Dragon Slave but you can get her horses here:

Combine them for decorative reasons as you want with the cart.

Basegame users can download
- BG-GipsyCart-2008-parked-StandAlone.rar
containing a decorative cart with horses. The RAR-file includes all recolours with textures of Charme699 and works as single object in the game.

- BG-GipsyCart-2008-parked-dependent.rar
containing a decorative cart without horses. This version is made for parking situations and pulls its colours from the first BG version. If you decide to have a cart without horses you'll have to download both versions. Decide on your own whether you want to keep the decorative cart with horses or not.

All carts have their own GUID and can be used all together in the game without conflict.

Known issue: The drivable version has two states for the ladder. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to work correctly with recolours. The object always falls back to the original texture in these cases (ladder only). This doesn't cause problems in use.
Install the objects as usual in your download folder.
Catalog: NL version = - Outside-Misc.-Cars - and the others - Outside-Misc.-Misc. -
To make sure that these carts work independent of each other the recolours for BG, NL and BV are included and separate for each version.

These objects are tested in my games and worked like they should. I made some changes concerning animations, sound and footstep that you'll see in the game. Take it as surprise. They don't use custom animations and the horses are not animated.

Enjoy these objects and get them as Christmas presents

A big "Thank you!" to Delphy for the possibility to share these objects here.

Polygon Counts:
BG-GipsyCart-2008-parked without horses: f = 10.150 (847 per tile); v = 7.213
BG-GipsyCart-2008-parked with two horses: f = 15.904 (1.136 per tile); v = 10.845
BV-GipsyCart ("tent" version): f = 10.164 (847 per tile); v = 7.241
NL-GipsyCart-2008(drivable version): f = 15.988 (761 per tile); v = 11.057

Additional Credits:
Quaxi and all the developers of SimPE Numenor for CEP and his BaseGameStarter
All the writers of tutorials I used during the last years