No More Wanting Maxis Jobs

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Uploaded: 30th May 2008 at 4:38 AM
Updated: 23rd Nov 2011 at 6:07 AM
This mod makes sure that no sim rolls a want to 'Get a Job in __ Career' or aspires to 'Reach Top of ___ Career' as their LTW. I really like trying to fulfill the Life Time Wants, but in my medieval hood, I'm not playing with Maxis jobs, but I didn't have the heart to tell my sims that no, they could never be a Superhero. With this mod its never an issue, my little simmies never will roll up a want telling me that they would like a job and they will never aspire to become the top of a career that in my hood's reality doesn't actually exist.

This mod will be useful for anyone playing a medieval hood, or possibly victorian, or futuristic, or any other theme where the Maxis jobs are inappropiate. This is also useful for self-contained hoods that don't allow 'money from nowhere' as the job's paychecks don't subtract from anywhere else in the hood. It's also useful if you are just tired of being plagued by Job Wants clogging your wants bar.

This does mean that there will be a TON of repetitive LTWs. There aren't actually that many that don't pertain to jobs. As far as I can tell all Knowledge sims will want to Max out 7 skills, Romance will either want to Woohoo 20 sims or have 20 Lovers, Family will only be Golden Anniversary, have/marry off kids/grandkids, Popularity is limited to 20 Best Friends I think, and Fortune is only $100,000 and 5 Top Level Businesses. It's a stiff price to pay, but I'd rather be boringly repetitive than break my simmies' hearts.

This mod does NOT prevent your sim from getting a job, it just prevents them from wanting one. I haven't run across any problems with it yet, but this is my first wants mod, so issues or oddities might arise. Let me know and I'll see what I can do about them.


Additional Credits:
Vironin (CtfG) for basically telling me how to create this entire mod.