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Teenified - Conversions of my 'Graphika' tee set for TF

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Uploaded: 18th Apr 2009 at 8:51 PM
Updated: 19th Apr 2009 at 12:55 AM

MESH REQUIRED - Get it here or these recolours will NOT work!

My Original Graphika Set for AF/YF - click here!

After a couple of requests for teen versions of my 20 Untuckable Graphic Tees for AF/YF I decided to make them, instead this time using a teen mesh by migamoo. These conversions still use HystericalParoxsym's alpha and the same textures though, both just slightly edited to work with the mesh.

This time I got a bit lazy though, and instead of individually screenshotting every tee in-game I just got a couple of them and did the rest of them in CAS. The reason for this is the adult screenshots in the original thread are pretty much the same, so view those for some idea of what these will look like on your teens.

To see full screenshots of every tee (just on adults but they're practically the same) and to read descriptions for every tee visit the original Graphika thread, linked above.

Model Credits...
Untucked Shorts with Boots by SimplyStella, get them here
Make-up by Bruno and Zombie Jill
Skintone by HystericalParoxsym
Hair by XMSims, Zombie Jill and Nouk, all free

Migamoo for the mesh
HystericalParoxsym for the original 'fanseefem' untucked tees found here
Fanseelamb for the original textures used in the tees