Graphika - 20 Untuckable Graphic Tees for AF/YF

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Uploaded: 13th Apr 2009 at 4:58 PM
Updated: 26th Apr 2009 at 2:04 PM - Added better logo pic

MESH REQUIRED - get it from here or these recolours will NOT work!

19/4/09 - Get the new 'Teenified' versions of these tees here!

Since pretty much all I wear is graphic tees, I thought my sims better have some too! This upload includes 5 sets of 4 different graphic tees, for a total of 20 great tops for your Adult/Young Adult Females! This is a recolour of HystericalParoxsym's 'Fanseefem' Untuckable Shirts, and there is a mesh required. Original textures are by fanseelamb, I believe ^^

Screenshots of all 5 sets are attached. Shown below is a screenshot of the 'Symbol' set. includes...
- Black Tee with Pink Heartagram logo
- Grey Tee with Panda Crossbones
- Maroon Tee with the singer Pink's logo
- White Tee with Penguin image includes...
- Orange Tee with 'Does it look like I'm kidding?' Garfield image
- Yellow Tee with Spongebob Squarepants image
- Pink Tee with 'Time to be Bad' Stewie (Family Guy) image
- Pink Tee with Hello Kitty - Soccer/Football image includes...
- Blue Tee with Superman logo
- Yellow Tee with 'Go Green' Ninja Turtles image
- Green Tee with 'Lucky You' Care Bears image
- Blue Tee with Cookie Monster (Sesame St.) image includes...
- Black Tee with Charmed image
- Peach Tee with Viva la Bam image
- Purple Tee with Supernatural image
- Light Blue Tee with Scrubs image includes...
- Brown Tee with cartoon image
- Cream Tee with 'Leave the Drama to a Llama' image
- Red Tee with Futurama - Planet Express image
- Purple Tee with cartoon image

Model Credits...
Untucked Shorts with Boots by SimplyStella, get them here
Make-up by Bruno
Skintone by HystericalParoxsym
Hair by XMSims and Nouk, all free

Remember, the untucked effect for shirts only works when using specially made untucked bottoms! There are plenty of great ones on this site - including some here, here or here.