Post-nuclear TV (noises and simlish test patterns)

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Uploaded: 9th Jun 2009 at 9:07 PM
Updated: 10th Feb 2011 at 1:28 PM by psychosim0 - Personal Pick
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I guess this is one of these "I didn't know I need it till I saw it"-items... :D
After an atomic apocalypse, what kind of television would there be? Well, with the electromagnetic pulse of atomic explosions and people hiding in the vaults instead the studios you can call yourself lucky if you get a test pattern.
Though, your post-apocalyptic sims are desperate for entertainment and will cherish the slightest bit of whatever they can get. They will still gain fun from this program, they can work out to it and even learn cooking from it (I guess apocalyptic circumstances make creative). So don't wait any longer and let your sims enjoy timeless classics like "Ants in a Blizzard" or "Horizontal Bar Strikes Again" today!

"Ants in Blizzard"

"Horizontal Lightning"

"Wandering Bar"

It goes without saying that these have appropriate noise sound.
There's even an emergency screen from that fatal moment still on air (with sirens playing):

"To the vaults!"

Into the bargain, you are spoilt for choice with eight test patterns based on original ones from around the 40s/50s (At this point, thanks to this lovely site of tv history: One is general and seven are from specific stations, all simified of course. Please check the attachments for the picture.
Of course all complete with a lovely beep! But don't worry, I kept it rather quiet to keep it from being annoying. If it's too quiet for you you can use the cheat "floatProp tvVolume x.x" (insert a value between 0.0 and 1.0 for x.x) to adjust the tv volume.
I know I said I'm too busy in my last upload, but I programmed the noises all myself (using Processing), so I can actually call it practice of university stuff with clear conscience. Also, the icon of the emergency screen is my original work.

PS: Please give me a note if you use this in a movie, I'd love to see it!

PPS: For Mac users who can't handle rar here's an external link (mediafire) to an all-in-one package in zip: click
Only this time because this download is so popular.

Credit: for vintage test patterns
SIMale for simlish fonts

Additional Credits:
xanathon for his Oldfashioned TV featured in the pictures