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Short Stuff: Half Height AL Roof Deco

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Uploaded: 16th Jun 2010 at 7:00 PM
The inspiration for this came when my friend, Twi, was making a house that included the AL deco roof parts. But the top didn't look right. She had added several awkward fence pieces to the top of it, because the original roof pieces looked too tall to put there. So I suggested adding half height versions. Of course, there was no such thing, so I made it for her! Hopefully you too will find some use out of them!

These are exactly half a wall height.

The textures for these are all linked to the original AL roof pieces, so it requires AL. But on the plus side, you get all the textures and whatever recolors you might have for the originals!

Polygon Counts:
Inner Corner: 138 poly
Outer Corner: 142 poly
Straight: 60 poly

Additional Credits:
My dear friend Twi.