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You can recolour my meshes and post them anywhere, but don't upload the mesh. Link back to the thread instead.
You can use my other stuff (such as skins) for your creations and upload them, just link back to the respective thread.

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If in doubt, it may be good to contact them if you have a question about using their assets for your own upload. However, the creator not having a TOU could mean they don't mind what happens with their content and you can use their assets as you wish.

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  • Birch Street - modern glass house, furnished

    by Enelya 11th Nov 2007 at 12:55pm

    Hi This is my attempt at building a modern house, it looks almost like a glass house. more...

  • Ring Avenue - Starter Home, no CC

    by Enelya 5th Oct 2007 at 1:34pm

    Hi This is a nice little starter home for your wood-loving Sims :D It's furnished with basic more...

  • Paper Street - Starter home with pool and no cc

    by Enelya 4th Oct 2007 at 5:36pm

    My first cheap house :D A small starter home for 1-2 Sims. more...

  • Pearl Avenue - BaseGame Lot, no CC

    by Enelya 3rd Oct 2007 at 11:04am

    Hi I wanted to create a house that looks comfortable even without custom content. This is what turned out. more...

  • Chalet with Asian touch

    by Enelya 23rd Sep 2007 at 9:11pm

    Hi This is a chalet that looks a bit asian. more...

  • New Mesh - Bald Tree

    by Enelya 20th Sep 2007 at 9:42am

    Hi I made a tree, that looks a bit different from the other trees in game (turned out quite bald more...

    5 14.1k 9

    Build Mode » Garden Center

  • Eagle Avenue (furnished and unfurnished version)

    by Enelya 16th Sep 2007 at 8:20pm

    Hi Here's a new house for your Sims to live in. more...

  • realistic skintones (light-medium-dark)

    by Enelya 6th Sep 2007 at 3:20pm

    Hi I tried to improve previous skintones and this is what turned out. more...

    10 46.7k 32

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • 5 realistic hair recolors (peggy mesh)

    by Enelya 2nd Sep 2007 at 3:11pm

    Today I made 5 recolors of a nice mesh from peggysims, I think the colors are quite nice so I more...

    18 27k 33

    Hair » Male » Adult

  • Inflatable chair

    by Enelya 26th Aug 2007 at 9:56am

    Hi I guess this has been done before but I wanted to give it a try. more...

  • modern fence in two colours - new mesh

    by Enelya 25th Aug 2007 at 5:47pm

    Hi This is my first mesh I upload here, finally one that turned out quite good (in my opinion ^^). more...

  • New beddings (modern art)

    by Enelya 20th Aug 2007 at 1:58am

    Hi I made 4 beddings in blue, green, purple and yellow, modern style. more...

    3 4.8k 7

    By Room » Bedroom

  • Wood and Beach terrain sets

    by Enelya 18th Aug 2007 at 5:07pm

    I made two terrain sets, each contains 3 ground coverings. more...

  • Sunset Street - Odd house for odd Sims

    by Enelya 17th Aug 2007 at 1:18am

    Hi That's a house where your crazy, fresh-air-loving Sims can live in. more...

  • Arthur Avenue

    by Enelya 12th Aug 2007 at 10:33pm

    Hi That's a new house for your spoiled Sims ;o) It's a nice place for a family, it has 5 more...

  • 2 different sets of eyes

    by Enelya 7th Aug 2007 at 9:41pm

    Hi I made two different sets of eyes. Each contains the four colours blue, green, brown and grey. more...

    2 5.4k 4

    Body Shop » Eyes

  • 6 different roof recolours

    by Enelya 2nd Aug 2007 at 6:49pm

    Hi I made 6 roof recolours for you. more...

    4 25.2k 20

    Build Mode » Roofing

  • Tattoo skin for teens and adults

    by Enelya 18th Oct 2006 at 2:04pm

    It took me a while to finish but it's done now. more...

    6 29.7k 13

    Body Shop » Skintones

  • xmsims mesh recolors (hair with streaks)

    by Enelya 25th Sep 2006 at 6:38pm

    Hi Since I like hair colors with streaks I recoloured the new mesh from xmsims. more...

    9 21.8k 8

    Hair » Female » Adult

  • 3 dark recolors of a dress for children

    by Enelya 8th Aug 2006 at 10:51pm

    I recolored the cute spring dress you can find here (you need to go there and download the mesh!). more...