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Chrysanthemum Private Academy

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2010 at 11:23 PM
Chrysanthemum Academy. Named after one of the most beautiful of flowers, Chrysanthemum Academy hopes to see the young ladies and gentlemen who walks its halls similarly bloom as beautifully under its excellent tutelage.

Q: Is this a functional school?
A: Yes. Hidden inside the main building is the EA rabbithole school.

Q: There are two schools in our neighborhood. Does that mean my child can attend both?
A: No, but you can have two different children in a single household attend two different schools. Select a school to attend by clicking on it and choosing 'start school'. Just make sure to get on the right school bus in the morning, as two will come if you have two kids going to separate schools.

Q: Will I still have all the regular school opportunities?
A: Yes.

Furnished: 327,084
Unfurnished: 256,921
Lot Size: 60x60

While the school is functional, the two buildings on the sides have an exercise room, two pools, and an eating area. Also included are a track and a greenhouse, for the use of the students in extracurricular activities. All of these may be enjoyed when the school day is over.

Lot Size: 6x6
Lot Price: 327,084