Fantasy Pose Pack - For your mythically magical ladies! (UPDATED 7/3/11)

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Uploaded: 28th Apr 2011 at 8:01 PM
Updated: 25th Apr 2012 at 3:22 PM
You will need cmomoney's Pose Player found here. I am not cmomoney, so please do not ask me questions about the pose player itself. And do not ask questions until you've read both my thread and cmo's. Thanks

Being a fan of MMO's myself, I couldn't resist a magical fantasy pose set for the ladies!

Please have the most recently updated Pose Player, there is a very handy list function with pictures of the poses. THIS PACK HAS BEEN UPDATED FOR THAT. PLEASE SEE THE DOWNLOAD TAB FOR THE LIST. You will need both files for the pose list to work correctly.
UPDATE 7/3/2011: I was made aware of a conflict between the original pack and the list, that has been fixed. Please re-download the list to fix the issue.

The poses done with the weapons are specifically made for those weapons pictured. Feel free to test other weapons and stuff, but I can't guarantee that it will look normal and/or good.

The held dagger and staff on the back of Cleo Hwang can be found here and here.
The held staff and sword can be found here on page 4 in the "Magic" section.

The poses included are:

The custom content on the lady warriors:
Some of them have the European Skin by Lemonleaf.
The lovely mage in black is Cleo Hwang and she is wearing this hair and this top and these boots.
The sexy mage in brown is Tamerin and she is wearing this hair and this top.
The assassin is wearing the same top as Tamerin and is wearing this hair and boots from this page (Christian Louboutin boots).
The warrior with the sword is wearing this hair and this outfit.