Lilac Engleson - A quirky bookworm.

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Uploaded: 7th May 2012 at 1:58 AM
Updated: 30th Jul 2012 at 3:16 PM
So here is this sim, I made her a while ago to play her as a berry sim, but she also looks beautiful as a regular sim too. Her name is Lilac, that's also her berry name 'cause she was purple. Anyways I hope you enjoy her!

Hi my name is Lilac. I'm little awkward, I like to read books and cook. I don't know, I'm just different from other girls around here. I've been told I'm really good looking, but I don't know. I'm really unsure of myself sometimes, but I just keep on hoping everything will be okay. I get scared of things easily and don't really enjoy the wild side of life. I'm a talented cook and my dream is to become a world renowned chef someday. Anyways, just give me a chance, you'll love me once you hang around me long enough.

Her traits are:
Good Cook

Her favorites are:
Lilac (of course)

She is a Libra.

Her lifetime goal is to be a 5 Star Chef.

Now for her extensive CC list
Her skintone is from Joedy/Buffy
Her eyes are from IN3S
Her eyelashes are from S-Club Privee
Her eyebrows are from Elexis
Her lipstick is from LemonLeaf
Her freckles are from Papercat
Her bracelets and rings are from Lorandia and Club Crimsyn/Aikea
Her formal sandals are from Anubis, her formal earrings are from S-Club Privee and her formal dress is from the store
Her everyday hair is from the store and her formal hair is from the store

Everything else pictured is from various EP's and base game.

I also use a few sliders and hacks that you will need if you plan on editing her face:
Eyelash sliders from S-Club Privee
Slider Hack x4 from S-Club Privee
The site the hermi lip slider by Gamesir is from is gone, so I'll include that one in the download

Phew. Okay so if you choose not to have all of the listed items, she will show up differently in your game. She is packaged with base game skin and hair so to not bork anyone's games. Enjoy!

Custom Content Included:
- Hermi Lip Slider by GameSir