stevebo77's "No Foot Tapping While Waiting For Clear Route!" updated for 1.26/Pets

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Uploaded 24th Oct 2011 at 6:09 PM · Updated 26th Oct 2011 at 7:01 PM by claudiasharon

Don't strike a pose- Don't tap ya foot.
Just wait ya turn and it'll all be good!
- stevebo77

From stevebo77's original post for this mod, I noticed he has been MIA since 6th Sep 2011. So I updated his mod per site rules. And for my own personal use.

Basically what this mod does, is remove the sim standing and tapping his/her foot impatiently waiting their turn. Since Generations and Pets added new species and walkstyles to the game, his mod had become obsolete.

You MUST have Pets and patch 1.26 for this to work! This won't work with other mods that edit the jazz file standandwait.

Additional Credits:
stevebo77 for the original mod
Smooth Jazz Studio for giving me a way to edit the jazz files

Type: Other

Tags: #route fail, #foot tap, #tapping, #posture, #wait, #stand and wait