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Additional elements for AL and MG roofs

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Uploaded: 20th Feb 2012 at 7:20 PM
Updated: 21st Feb 2012 at 1:04 PM

15 additional diagonal/corner elements, three straight ones and diagonal windows for the roof elements that came with Apartment Life and Mansion and Garden Stuff. Collection file included.
All objects are slaved to the original roofs, so AL resp. MG is required. All objects are visible from neighborhood view. The diagonal windows are attached to the straight ones.

The diagonal windows for the AL roof are NOT included here. bienchen made the straight windows for AL, I made the diagonal ones and attached them to her files, so please download the AL windows (again) here.

There are two versions for the AL elements available: one if you only have AL (objects categorized in General/Miscellaneous) and one if you have AL and MG (objects categorized in Build Mode/Architectural).

Also included is a (very large ) roofplan object (categorized in General/Miscellaneous). It shows all available roof elements and their neighbors, so you can check out in game which element is suitable for a specific angle when you build your lot. You can find the numbers of the elements in the catalogue entries.

The roofplan object also has a functionality: you can click on it in livemode and choose if the roof elements fade out when you scroll or not. (Look at attached picture). This makes it easier to play in the attic floor.

Also included are 8 recolors for the AL roof (of the MG roof colours) and 7 recolors for the MG roof (of the AL roof colours), so that all roof colours are available for both roof types.

No cheats required.

Polygon Counts:
Around 100 (roof elements), 970 and 1222 (windows)