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The Black and White Cookie - Stylish Home Minimal CC

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Uploaded: 9th Jan 2013 at 5:34 PM
I really wanted to have a sleek, modern home approved to MTS. Hopefully the mods in charge will smile on me today. This is a very nice modern home. I tried my best to keep to the monochromatic look and feel. There are a few splashes of color in there like some browns, navies, and greens, but for the most part it's all black or white. The house comes equipped with all alarms - fire in the kitchen, and burglar in all rooms with exits to the outside. You should be able to increase any skill in this home as well (remember sims can exercise using the TV). All of the furniture has been tested in-game and functions properly without sims stomping their feet looking for an alternative route. Below are some inline screens of the exteriors and 2 interior shots. You can see the rest in the thumbnails.


Some Interior Shots

Lot Size: 1x1
Lot Price: 190,140

Custom Content Included:
- AL Matching Window by fway
- AL Matching Window Diagonal by fway
- One Tile LN Keyboard TS3 - TS2 by TheNinthWave
- Shorter Empty Billy by leesester
- Stack of Books #1 by leesester
- Stack of Books #2 by leesester
- Stack of Books #4 by leesester
- Stack of Books #5 by leesester

Additional Credits:
the CC creators including fway, lessester, and TheNinthWave.