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Council Housing Set - All $10,000 or Under -No CC

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Uploaded: 5th Jun 2013 at 3:21 PM
Updated: 27th May 2019 at 9:34 AM
Over here in Australia we have housing commission homes provided by the government for low income earners or people in need of help. So this started off as a challenge to myself, to build some cheap council houses for $10,000 and under, and I thought others might find them useful too.

. For impoverished sims who start off in cheap boarding type houses (see my Down on Your Luck Hostel) due to no 20K handouts. Saving up 10,000 is a more attainable goal than the normal $20,000 starter house.

. For newly made CAS sims who need some extra cash left over to start a small bushiness.

. For elderly Sims with no children at home.

House #1 Green and Yellow has no kitchen sink but has better benches and a back door. The door can easily be swapped for another bench. Also has a cheap built in wardrobe and shower/tub. $9,990

House #2 Pink and Burgundy has a bath but no shower. Also has a cheap built in wardrobe. $9,987

House #3 Blue and orange has a tub/shower but no wardrobe. $10,000 exactly.

Each house comes with basic kitchen and bathroom fixtures, lights, phone and smoke detector and a small amount of landscaping. No burglar alarms. Each house can comfortably fit a family of 3, or 4 at a squeeze without using cc. If you wanted to use bunk beds you could squeeze up to 4 children into the second bedroom.

Each lot was shrunk with Mootilda's Lot Adjuster to enable building to one tile from the edge.

Lot Size: 1x2
Lot Price: $9,987- $10,000

Additional Credits:
Mootilda's Lot Adjuster for shrinking the lots.