*Elven Set* pt.1

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Uploaded 28th Jun 2013 at 5:11 PM · Updated 3rd Jan 2014 at 8:11 AM by lidiqnata

Hello everybody! Today I bring to you part 1 of my very first build mode set - Elven set.
This all started when I was making my lots(trying to make them as low priced as possible)and I was stunned by the fact that no matter how hard I tried - Maxis objects just couldn't fulfill my want. So I decided to put my skills into work-this is part 1,because part 2(doors,windows,arches and so on) is still not ready.

Read about the set:
* Four column meshes are included with additional 2 recolors of each mesh. (Columns rar.)
* Two Pine trees,Calla Lily,Butterflies for the columns and hanging Ivy. (Garden Set rar.)
*Garden Set costs 10 and can be found in Garden center -> trees. Only Calla Lily can be found in Garden center -> shrubs
*All Columns cost 10 and can be found in Miscellaneous -> columns
*note: you will have to use cheats to place both butterflies and Ivy on the same tile as a column.
*note: butterflies mesh include 3 recolors: one for a full column,one for top and one for bottom column.

Just imagine If you are a hard working Elf,planting trees and flowers will cost you nothing. Thus why everything is sooo cheap.
One more thing - as you can see,most of this set is a re-make of Maxis objects,so that they can fit my theme and need. It's not perfect at any case,but I'm pretty satisfied with it .

Polygon Counts:
*Column mesh 1: Fc:846 ,Vc:1221
*Column mesh 2: Fc:470 ,Vc:660
*Column mesh 3: Fc:424 ,Vc:615
*Column mesh 4: Fc:942 ,Vc:1371
Garden set:
*Pine tree and Pine tree 2 mesh: Fc:125 ,Vc:151
*Butterflies mesh: Fc:122, Vc:184
*Ivy mesh: Fc:18, Vc:36
*Calla mesh: Fc:901, Vc:773

Additional Credits:
I need to credit Numenor for the amazing tutorials

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