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1x1 Dining Tables

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Uploaded: 17th Jan 2014 at 10:52 AM
I made these one tile dining tables mostly because I got tired of using the same ones over and over in my sims homes. I also wanted some quick objects to make and upload to my site in between making larger sets. So I present to you these. Use them in your homes/uploads as you please just don't steal my work as your own. Now for the important information....

I always try to keep my meshes modeled at a low poly for my own and your consideration.
Table Information
Table IDHigh PolyLow PolyChannelsPriceLocation
Chamber5462703$200Dining > Tables
Reeve4001762$200Dining > Tables
Rustic2242242$200Dining > Tables

Game requirements

You will only need to have the Base game to use these.

Additional Credits

Made using TSRW v2.0.86.0
Photoshop CS5
UV Mapper
3DS Max 2012
& Milkshape

Prefer Sims 3 Pack?

The Sims 3 Pack version along with these package files are uploaded to my website for those of you who prefer that.

Polygon Counts:
Chamber: High 546; Low 270
Reeve: High 400; Low 176
Rustic: High/Low 224

Additional Credits:
TSRW, PS CS5, Milkshape, 3DS Max, UV Mapper