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Uploaded 28th Mar 2015 at 12:24 AM

Does your Sims fancy a nice day at the beach, yet Twikki Islands is far too expensive for their limited budget? Well, this is their lucky day. Funtopia is a community lot intended for great family outings. It features a swimming pool with slides, tropical foods, a barbecue area and lots of other fun activities for children and toddlers such as a sandbox, a waddling pool, a playground and select OFB toys. It even has food bowls if you'd like to bring your family pet along.

While I'm normally a CC-free lot kind of person, I originally built this lot for me and I feel it loses some of it's purpose and feel without the CC. However, if there is someone out there that likes this lot but hates CC, I have also included a CC-free version and one where the only CC is the terrain paint used. Keep in mind this means the lot looks different than in the screenshots and some items won't be there.

CC NOT INCLUDED (Optional, if you skip them they will simply be replaced by the maxis versions)
It's all Wood playground by Phaenoh
Files required:

The lot was built in a separate empty hood, and has not been used with Sims. The OFB toys were placed from catalog thanks to a buyable toys mod.
A copy has been play-tested by all the kids at my orphanage, and they had a great time.

Suggested CC
- dickhurt's mod to allow toddlers to go to community lots

Links to CC-sets items included came from
Beach ball seat by -Maylin-
Toddler swim tube by rebecah
Kiddie Pool by Echo
Sandbox items by bienchen83
(A note about the playground set. Two of the items require moveobjects on to be moved or deleted. I have included a screenshot pointing out which these items are)

Lot Size: 4x3
Lot Price (furnished): 82770

Custom Content Included:
- Beach Ball by -Maylin-
- Swim Tube by rebecah
- Swim Tube by rebecah
- Swim Tube by rebecah
- Swim Tube by rebecah
- A Paddle Puddle by Echo
- digger by bienchen83
- Combstick by bienchen83 at MTS
- o2a-shovel-pose by bienchen83 at MTS
- sandbox mould "turtle" by bienchen83
- sand bucket by bienchen83
- sandbox entry by bienchen83
- sandbox toys by bienchen83
- Sandkastensand by bienchen83

Additional Credits:
Echo, Phaenoh, rebecah, bienchen83 and -Maylin- for the CC used in this lot.