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Kairikufuu [Asian style beach house] NO CC

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Uploaded: 29th Mar 2015 at 10:05 PM
I started building this small wooden house for the March Monthly Theme but I did not want to create another typical beach house so I decided to go for a bit more exotical look.
A what goes better with wooden houses than wooden panel doors and minimalist Japanese-looking decoration?

So this house as it is may be used either as an exotical lot in a tropical location or in an Asian location as it has a little of both worlds.
Also it's NOT built on a beach lot so technically you can place it wherever you wish, even if the map has no beaches at all.

The house

This kinda luxurious one-bedroom wooden house was built in rather small lot (only 2x2) which is almost completely occupied by the house itself.
The garden is not large and it's not busy (time to be zen!) but it has room enough for a little pond and a shrine hidden between the palm trees, as well as a seat on the backyard to watch the waves (if you place this lot right by the sea).

The house entrance is a large porch with a fancy sleeping coach where you can take a nap at any time.
Open the sliding doors and you'll get into a large room separated into two areas by folding screens: on the left is the tea room, again very discreetely decorated; on the right is an Occidental style kitchen.

Sliding doors again lead you to the only bedroom, where you may sleep or ask your partner to give you a massage. Relax time!
And last but not least you'll find the bathroom, also decorated with wood motives.

They are fully decorated in a minimalist manner but if your Sims needs change and they require more space have in mind that this house can easily be arranged to fit plenty more items.

Lot Size: 2x2
Lot Price (furnished): 53566

Additional Credits:
Floorplans found at soloplanos.com
Fraps & Gimp