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Expensive bills for apartments

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Uploaded: 8th Oct 2014 at 12:35 AM
When I uploaded a custom bills mod I was requested to update it for apartment bills as well.
After figuring out how to do it, I decided to create a separate and fully compatible new mod instead. Why? Because this way you may mix & match different bills for houses and apartments, creating an even more custom economy for your hoods.

These mods are simply overrides of the values and do not affect the billing routine at all, so your Sims will keep getting their bills twice a week, on Tuesday and Thursday, as in the default configuration.

Which file should I download?
There are ten different files here and you must make sure you have in your downloads folder only one of them.
They are named by percentages compared to the default ones: 100% would be default, 200% double of the default ones and so on.
Here you have some examples, so it gets a bit easier for you to figure out which one you may want:

Default bills200%300%400%500%600%700%800%1000%1500%2000%

This mod does not modify houses bills
Please use my custom bills mod instead or in adition to this one.

System requirements
This mod requires Apartment Life.

Known conflicts
This mod will conflict with others that change apartments bill amounts, such as Cyjon's Bigger Bills.
And, as mentioned above, these will conflict with each other - have only one in your game downloads folder; if you change your mind remove it before dropping in the new one.
It will NOT conflict with mods which only modify houses bills, such as my custom bills mod.

Suggested downloads
Are your Sims poor?
High bills and other economy related mods may drastically decrease their funds and more affordable housing will prove essential. Try my Cheapdale Place Apartments for the economically challenged.

Additional Credits:
This mod would be impossible without SimPE.